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3rd, 4th and 5th of June 2021 eMallorca Challenge

The 2nd edition of the eMallorca Challenge promises to be very special. Inca is becoming a sustainable city as it hosts and consolidates this multidisciplinary event. In the coming years, the eMallorca Challenge is looking to become a benchmark event in the world of sustainability and renewable energies with a clear space in local, national and international markets. Since the 1st edition, many resources were invested to give the event a global impact with audiovisual broadcasting agreements in the whole world. As the organising committee, we want the event’s direct participants (companies) and indirect participants (the audience and recipients of this communication) to associate us with sustainable energy policies and the sustainability of our production processes. For this committee, it is very important to join all those entities that wish to grow and have a platform for their relationship to sustainability which a sensitive, ethical and mediatic issue.

The II eMallorca Challenge will be held on June 3rd, 4th and 5th of 2021. To the elements described above will be added the celebration of the eMallorca Challenge Forum, a debate platform of two days. A first day will focus on the promotion of sustainable energies and industries. The second day will focus on the main activity of our island: sustainable tourism. The conference will feature national and international speakers and attendance will be limited. The conference will be broadcast live and we encourage international participation. An eMallorca Challenge Virtual Fair will complete the conference with exhibitors and virtual proposals from entities and companies related to the topics discussed. It will be covered by media locally, nationally and internationally.

We highlight the broad participation of municipalities in Mallorca, as well as the main public institutions involved: mobility, tourism, energy. No one wants to miss the opportunity to publicize the information that comes out every day on sustainability. The eMallorca Challenge simply helps to amplify and spread this content which should be of interest to all of society. Channeling, structuring and giving visibility are our main tasks.

The mobility challenge will promote up to 50 teams. This will be an additional activity for the attendees and participants of the conference. This entails expanding the exhibition space and services to the participating teams.

In this II edition, each of the aspects contributing to the environmental sustainability of events will be taken care of in detail, as was the case in the last edition: gastronomy, transport, signage and event production.

In addition, the event measures and neutralizes the carbon footprint produced. This was already carried out last year. During this edition, one of the activities will be the neutralization through a forest or marine reforestation, including fruit trees to guarantee our good use of the planet. It should be noted that the footprint generated in this event is up to 8 times smaller than that left by any other type of event with similar characteristics. This is achieved thanks to the strategies followed by the organising committee to produce the entire event: not using paper in internal communications, avoiding travel and doing telematic meetings, guaranteeing that all food products used during the event are Kilometer 0. All vehicles in the mobility caravan are green-labeled. 

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Forum, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, fair, presentation of products and services, debates and colloquia, and of course, the biggest sustainable mobility challenge that can be done.

The eMallorca Challenge is a global challenge for each entity from different sectors partipating in this project. Its aim is to make users aware of the advantages and improvments that exist in terms of sustainable products and services. The change in habits, in consumption and in the world itself… This is already happening. This project aims to channel and give the greatesst possible visibility to all the entities involved in a sustainable, efficient model and one that is aware of our environment.

Our mission is to disseminate the ecological and sustainable initiatives carried out in Mallorca and anywhere else in the world. Love for our land in addition to social and cultural concerns motivated the creation and development of this project. We welcome any input and contribution to grow. The goal is to help create a more sustainable, efficient and ecological city, island, region, country and thus a better world. We focus on four pillars develop our project.


Walks along the shore, sports among the waves, weekends on the sand… Enjoying the Mediterranean Sea 365 days a year is our main advantage as an island and it is our joy. However, the environment continues to be very unprotected in terms of dumping and rubbish at sea. Plastic pollution and chemical subtances, among other things, lead to the degradation of this habitat. We look to companies with ethical and innovative solutions for a cleaner sea and a sustainable future. What projects and products can lead the change for our seas and  rivers?

Sustainable mobility

The protection of the environment also happens through moving in a sustainable manner. On foot, bicycles, rollerblades… Individually, this is more and more accesible through bike lanes for example. A bigger challenge lies in collective or familiar means of transport. For long journeys, electric vehicles exist but, are our cities and roads prepared for the arrival of millions of vehicles with this technology? 

Sustainable tourism

Hotel infrastructures, restaurants, maintenance of beaches and public places… Tourism and hospitality are the main sources of activity in many countries. In Mallorca, we are pioneers and specialists in this sector. This means we must also be leaders in sustainability. We want to give visibility to factible tourism plans and thus maximize the visibility of companies and inidividuals who contribute to comply with and create new protocols and services. Are there agreements and viables processes for companies and for the administration? 


Our home can be the reflection of our commitment to the environment. From the creation of building through designs (and architects) and their execution with the work of construction comapnies, each of these participants can directly contribute to improve, create and renovate our homes. They should be sustainable and their impact on the invornment should be lower and lower. Do you know what ‘eco-friendly’ and passive certified buildings (Passivhaus) are?

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